Heavy Rotation

Find the perfect matching eyebrows


  1. Instantly create ‘stylish eyebrows’ Lighten your eyebrows to match your hair!
  2. 4-Shade powder eyebrow palette gives you the coveted “sharp bridge of the nose and soft eyebrows” look
  3. Dye with a quick stroke! ※1 Beautiful natural brows that last all day※2 Brush-pen type tint eyebrows
  4. Pencil×Powder - Create natural, thick eyebrows with ease
  5. Achieve "Sharp, Bold Brows" in an Instant
  6. Pencil design but with a powdery finish! Oval-shaped tip. Thick or thin, anyway you want!

Set Descending Direction


  1. Water-proof super dark, super soft, high-definition pencil gives you 24-hour “Deco Eyes”

Set Descending Direction


  1. The more you apply, the longer, thicker and more voluminous your lashes become
  2. Just one upward stroke allows you to beautify and lengthen curls!
  3. Just one stroke thick and voluminous

Set Descending Direction